The Art of… Vegabonding?

Yup, that’s not a typo. Vegan + vagabond = vegabond. Simple! If ‘vagabonding’ is the art of long-term world travelling (according to Rolf Potts), then vegabonding simply means living life as a vegan nomad; in other words, travelling in a way that causes the least harm to other living creatures (human or otherwise), travelling to experience global vegan cuisine (exploring local vegan food, for example), and spreading the vegan message through travelling, by, for example: leading by example (not being preachy!), and inspiring others by being kind, generous, open-hearted and peaceful.

I chose to call myself a vegabond because being vegan is such an important part of my identity… but so too is being a nomad – I’ve never had a strong sense of ‘home’ or national identity (I genuinely feel more like a world citizen than anything else). Seeing the world, experiencing other cultures and breathtaking scenery, and challenging myself, define how I choose to live my life… I don’t see ‘vagabond’ or ‘nomad’ as negative terms – I embrace them as descriptions of someone who shuns traditional roles and expectations and instead chooses to live with no particular ties or obligations to a place, free to up-and-leave when the notion takes them, not afraid to pursue their dreams no matter where it leads them.

So how about it… are you ready to join the vegabond tribe?! It’s simple: just subscribe to the blog, and use the hashtag ‘vegabondlife’ on instagram and twitter so I can see all your vegabond adventures, and so we can create a nurturing and supportive community in which to thrive ❤

I can’t wait to hear all about your amazing, exciting, challenging, rewarding experiences…

To the vegabond life!

Charlie X


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