Given that Glasgow’s the closest city to where I grew up, and where my parents still live, I figured this should really be my starting point for my vegan travel guide series. When I became vegan, back in 2005, it was pretty difficult (though not impossible) to find any vegan options in Glasgow, home to the deep-fried Mars bar (yes, that’s an actual Mars bar, battered). With Scotland’s signature dishes being either deep-fried (we also deep-fry pizza, because, well, I have no idea) or various animal intestines (i.e. ‘haggis’), you wouldn’t normally associate my homeland with veganism. But, in fact, Scotland seems to be really getting on board with plants… in the cities, at least. While Edinburgh also has lots of vegan treats if you know where to look, I generally prefer Glasgow for a day out (it’s an East-West thing!). Especially in the past year, the number of vegan options in Glasgow seems to have rocketed, probably driven, in part, by Glasgow’s large student population.

Here, I’ve listed all the main vegan eating options in and around Glasgow that I know of (the vegan scene is constantly growing, so when I find out about new places I’ll try to update this guide). I’ve been to most, but not all, of them, but I’ve listed them all anyway, so that you get as comprehensive a list as possible (if you’ve been to the ones I haven’t, please leave a review for others in the comments!). I’ve also noted the health food shops, so that you can bag some yummy treats to take home with you!

You might be wondering why I’ve listed ones that I wouldn’t recommend as well as ones I would: I wanted to save you wasting your time and money journeying to somewhere that really isn’t worth it (in my opinion, of course!).



Rose & Grants

27 Trongate, Glasgow G1 5EZ

Rose & Grants became famous in vegan circles thanks to their veganisation of a traditional Scottish classic: the square sausage (also known as Lorne sausage in Scotland). This is pretty much what it sounds like – a flat, square sausage, but it has a rough, rather than smooth, texture, not dissimilar to oats (like flapjack texture) – which is normally eaten in a white roll (bap), with tomato ketchup or brown sauce, for breakfast.

As a result, breakfast is Rose & Grants’ speciality… There’s the classic vegan square sausage roll (though even the classic is an upgrade from the non-version version, as it comes with garlic sautéed mushrooms and vegan Sriracha mayo), to which you can add a variety of extras (like potato scone – another Scottish classic!).


Vegan sausage roll from Rose & Grants

But they also do full vegan (cooked) breakfast, vegan french toast with sgaia bacon (a local brand), and, best of all, vegan croissants!! I’m a sucker for a vegan croissant… Rose & Grants do 2 types – plain or apricot – and they’re both yummy. And, most importantly, their coffee is good (I’m a bit of a coffee snob, having work in coffee shops on and off for over 4 years), but note that the only plant-based milk they have is soya (in case you have a soy allergy, or are trying to avoid it).

Definitely one of my top picks for breakfast (not so much for cake – see below!), and luckily they serve breakfast all day!



103 Ingram Street, Glasgow G1 1DX

Picnic is an all vegan (100%) cafe in the Merchant City (in the city centre, about 10 minutes walk from Central Station, very close to Rose & Grants actually). It’s fairly new but always super busy when I go in, which is a good sign (though annoying for bagging a good spot!). The first time I visited, I had to double-check with them that it was really 100% vegan because I saw ‘yoghurt’ on the menu (with no ‘vegan’ or ‘soy’ in front), and I just couldn’t quite believe there could be that much choice… but they assured me that, ‘yes, it’s 100% vegan’ (I think they get asked that a lot by astounded vegans!).

The main choices for breakfast are: porridge, croissant, yoghurt & granola, cream cheeze bagel, and/or smoothies (and a couple of juice options). They also have a banana muffin, which could also work for breakfast, and apparently they also do a full cooked breakfast at the weekends (I’ve only ever been during the week). I can definitely recommend the croissant, maybe not quite as good as Rose & Grants, but still pretty good (best eaten fresh and warm though – not so amazing cold the next day, as I discovered!). I probably wouldn’t recommend the smoothies, on the other hand – I don’t think they have a very powerful blender and, as I discuss here, you really need a strong blender for smoothies, otherwise you end up with very small pieces of spinach/nuts which totally ruins the experience (and this is exactly what happened when I tried their blueberry-kale smoothie). Their coffee’s also pretty good though (and I don’t say that lightly, as you know by now!)… I was especially impressed that they get their oat milk to foam, it makes a nice change to the standard soy cap! (But they also have almond and coconut milk if you prefer.)

One of my favourites for lunch, but I probably prefer Rose & Grants for breakfast. On the other hand, Picnic’s maybe slightly comfier inside – both are nice and light, but Picnic has a slightly warmer atmosphere, slightly more comfortable seating, and posh loos 😉


The Cran

994 Argyle Street, Glasgow G3 8LU

I finally dragged my mother out to this place a few weeks ago – we had been dying to go for a while, having read that it was also an art gallery (my mother loves art) and had vegan cakes – the perfect combination for us! The reason we hadn’t gone sooner was because it’s not in the city centre – it’s in the West (Finnieston, not the West End), about a 25 minute walk from Central Station, which is too far for my mother, so we took a taxi (around £5 one way), but, sadly, it turned out to be a huge let-down. Firstly, there was no gallery or artwork to be found! It’s really quite small inside so there’d be no place for it anyway, but that was part of the reason we were there… Also there was hardly any seating, only 3 tables (and they were all full), and the furniture was very… quirky. A little bit too ‘hipster’ for my taste, and not comfy (definitely not the kind of place you’d want to linger) – they could have used the space a lot better. Worse though, was that they don’t have a toilet, and, as my mother has very serious IBS, this is a must for us. (Ironically, she had to run to the MacDonalds across the road, as this was the nearest toilet.) At first I thought the whole place was vegan (their website makes it sound like it’s totally vegan), but then I saw there was cheese on the lunch menu (with no ‘vegan’ before it) so I double-checked and it’s all veggie but not all vegan. I would say this place is much better for breakfast or lunch than for coffee and cake (which is what we were there for, annoyingly!). Their breakfast menu looked amazing actually: granola, avocado toast, and, best of all, grilled cheeze croissant!! I would love to try it sometime, but it’s really not a very comfortable place to sit in, plus I’m never normally in that area.

If you’re in that area anyway, and looking for breakfast, then definitely check it out (make sure you go to the loo first though!), otherwise, I wouldn’t bother going to the effort.



265 Renfrew Street, Glasgow G3 6TT

I actually only just heard about this place the other day, but I checked out the menu online and they do porridge made with almond milk, or a vegan cooked breakfast which sounds interesting. Apart from artisan vegan bread, that seems to be the only vegan options they have, but it’s always good to have another breakfast option, as many places don’t open that early!


Pret a manger

27 Gordon Street, Glasgow G1 3PL

This one obviously isn’t particular to Glasgow, but I thought I’d mention it anyway because they’re becoming amazing for vegans, with more and more vegan options in every store. It’s a great option if you’re pressed for time, or can’t be bothered walking far from the centre (Temaki and Stereo are the closest other places to Central Station, but neither do breakfasts, and Gordon Street Coffee, inside the station, only has vegan cakes/biscuits). There’s a Pret right in the station, just past the large screen with all the train times, another one just 2 minutes outside the station, on Gordon Street, and one on Sauchiehall Street, near Buchanan Galleries. Breakfast-wise, they have chia seed pots and granola pots. They also do amazing coconut hot chocolate (it’s seriously delicious), and coconut turmeric milk.


Coffee and cake. Aka ‘Elevenses’. Or twoses, or fourses… or just whenever you feel like cake really (*all the time*).


Rose and Grants

27 Trongate, Glasgow G1 5EZ

Though I would definitely recommend this place for breakfast (see above), their choice of vegan cake is somewhat disappointing… They’re always advertising new vegan cakes on their website, but somehow every time I go (and I go a lot), they’ve always run out (you’d think that would encourage them to get more in…)! The last time I was in, on a Monday afternoon, they only had vegan empire biscuits (another Scottish classic) and vegan parsnip friand (made by Big Bear Bakery, the same people who supply the vegan options to Gordon Street Coffee). They also sell vegan chocolate bars (a vegan bounty bar and a chocolate wafer biscuit) made by a local supplier, Vegan Burd. But their coffee is pretty good, so if you’re in the area I would recommend checking it out – maybe you’ll be lucky and they’ll have just had a delivery!



103 Ingram Street, Glasgow G1 1DX

Like Rose & Grants, I find Picnic a little disappointing for cakes (but then I’m super fussy when it comes to vegan cakes!) – they’ve had the same options since I started going (a year ago) and they’re not really to my taste. They usually have: empire biscuits, strawberry tarts, a raw cheesecake, chocolate caramel cake, and banana muffins. I’ve only tried the empire biscuits (not from the Big Bear Bakery as with Rose & Grants and Gordon Street Coffee, these ones look more like the traditional empire biscuit) which are good, but a little boring after a while! The coffee at Picnic’s pretty good though, and they have a choice of different plant milks which is nice for a change.


Gordon Street Coffee

79 Gordon Street (just at the main entrance of Glasgow Central Station), Glasgow G1 3SQ

Gordon Street Coffee is supplied by Big Bear Bakery (who also supply several other cafes in Glasgow), and so always has a few vegan cake options: donuts, empire biscuits, and several flavours of friand (the last time I went they had spiced apple, or parsnip and lime, which was ok but a little too lime-y, and very buttery icing).


Peanut butter brownie and almond milk latte from Gordon Street Coffee

Again, they tend to always have the same things (saying that, they did have a new option – peanut butter brownie – the last time I visited, which I don’t normally like as it usually just tastes like chocolate cake, but this one was more like a proper brownie, quite nutty and salty – yum!), and none would be my ideal choice, but if you’re new to Glasgow or don’t want to venture out the station then it’s worth checking out. They also do good coffee (though quite strong), nice chai latte (quite sweet though), and have almond and oat milk as well as soy.


350 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow G2 3JD

Saramago is the all veggie (the food is vegan, but they have dairy milk for drinks) cafe/bar inside the CCA (Centre for Contemporary Arts). Though it’s more of a lunch/dinner place they also have delicious vegan scones (only a few, up on the bar counter, so go before lunch to ensure they haven’t sold out!) served with jam and vegan butter, and a wide selection of tea (and soy milk)… I wouldn’t recommend the coffee though! If you’re in need of a change from empire biscuits and donuts (!) then definitely go here.


Artisan Roast

15-17 Gibson Street, Glasgow G12 8NU

Closest subway station: Kelvinbridge

I tried this place for the first time the other day, and, sadly, I wouldn’t recommend it. I went around 11am but it seemed like they were just setting up… there was only one vegan option in the (limited) displaycase, which was a small cheesecake, so I asked what vegan options they had, but was told it was just the cheesecake, or they could make up a wrap (they didn’t say what was in it, and I was looking for cake/breakfast anyway, so I just went for the cheesecake!).


Soy cappuccino and vegan cheesecake from Artisan Roast

It was raw I think, so a date/nut base rather than biscuit base, and the centre was very soft, rather than set, but it tasted really nice anyway. However, the coffee was pretty bad (which was super disappointing, considering that’s supposed to be their speciality!) – way too strong for me, and the milk (soya) was kind of lumpy (not quite curdled, but not nice). It’s also not a super nice atmosphere inside – quite dark and the seats aren’t very comfy. Plus, it’s not in the city centre, it’s in the West End (the university district). To be fair, it’s only 7 minutes on the Subway (our version of the underground), but it’s not worth the £3.10 return ticket if you’re not already in that area. I think it’s a chain, so I might try the one in Edinburgh at some point, but they’d have to have more vegan options to make it worth it.


The Cran

994 Argyle Street, Glasgow G3 8LU

See above for general thoughts…

When we visited, there were only actually 2 vegan cake options, and neither of them really appealed to me: spiced apple cake, or a raw cheesecake. (I should say, I’m pretty fussy about cakes – I don’t like chocolate, which is usually the only option, and I’m not a massive fan of carrot or fruitcake as I find them quite boring. I really like unusual/interesting flavours like lemon and poppyseed/blueberry, or things that I wouldn’t normally make myself, like red velvet.) Unfortunately, the one that I really fancied (amaretto cake) was veggie, not vegan!! But they did have vegan Danish pastries, so we went for that – they were extremely sweet, but quite good. The coffee on the other hand… Eurgh, I think it was one of the worst I’ve had (worse than Artisan Roast, though it too is supposed to be an artisan coffee place, so I was super disappointed!). The milk (almond) was curdled (I don’t think she had really made an almond milk cappuccino before… normally I ask which milk foams best, or I expect them to tell me if the milk doesn’t work well in a cappuccino, but the Barista wasn’t super friendly, which was also a shame, and unusual for Glasgow) and the coffee itself was way too strong and bitter. Definitely skip this place for coffee and cake (but maybe check it out for breakfast).


Riverhill Coffee Bar

24 Gordon Street (opposite Pret a Manger), Glasgow G1 3PU

I used to stop by this place just to check what vegan cake options they had, and it was usually pretty disappointing (just a vegan brownie). But the past few times I’ve been in they’ve had more and more options, such as vegan cookies, pumpkin spice cake, and a vegan coconut, poppyseed and strawberry cake which looked delicious (unfortunately they were just about to close – at 5pm – and I was looking for somewhere to sit in) – I hope they get it in again!


Vegenese swirl and soy cap from Riverhill

The next time I made sure I was early, and tried their vegenese swirl, which was yummy, and a soy cappuccino (they used to serve oat milk but apparently the Oatly factory in Scotland shut down!!) which was quite sweet (luckily I like the taste of sweetened soy milk) and not too strong = perfect! I’ve also had a lemon poppy cake to takeaway which was delicious too. Note that it’s very small inside though, so you’re not always guaranteed a seat, but the staff are lovely and the cakes delicious, so definitely worth trying.



974 Argyle Street

A newcomer to the vegan scene, Mayze is a veggie cafe really near the Cran, in Finnieston (about a 25 minute walk from Central station). Their entire cake fridge (by the till) is vegan, along with several sandwiches and toastie options. I especially liked that their cake/pastry options are more varied than the usual, and the options I tried (apricot scone, toffee apple cake) were delicious. However, their coffee’s not great, and it’s not a super nice place to sit (not much space, and always packed). Plus, despite being friendly, the staff messed up my order the two times I went there, as well as having a really long wait on the coffee. So I probably wouldn’t make the effort to go all the way out there again, as much as I love vegan cake!





103 Ingram Street, Glasgow G1 1DX

For lunch, this 100% vegan cafe serves a variety of options including baked potato (or baked sweet potato) with a variety of fillings, a couple of salad options, ‘egg’ mayo roll, quinoa and hummus wrap, ‘pastramheat’ sandwich, Mediterranean veg panini, and cream cheeze bagel. The ‘egg’ mayo roll was very messy, but quite tasty (check out my own version of egg mayo here!), though not as yummy as the pastramheat sandwich (basically their version of the Rubenstein, which is my favourite kind of sandwich!), with cashew cream cheeze and sauerkraut on rye bread = nom nom nom. Be aware though that it gets very busy at lunchtime (at 12.30pm there were only 2 seats left!), and it’s also not cheap.


Rose and Grants

27 Trongate, Glasgow G1 5EZ

As I note above, this place serves breakfast all day, so you could still try their speciality square sausage at lunchtime (which they also sell in packs to takeaway and cook at home), but for lunch they also have soup (the time time I was in it was lentil), a vegan BLT, nasi goreng (weekdays only), butternut squash and hummus salad, an olive tapenade sandwich, hummus and roast squash sandwich, or Cool Jerk vegan pies – macaroni cheeze or veggie haggis. (I wouldn’t actually recommend these pies – they sound lovely, but in fact they are quite dry and bland; very disappointing.)


Saramago Cafe @ the CCA

350 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow G2 3JD

Lunch options are the same as their dinner options, so see below…



113 Hope Street (just outside Glasgow Central Station), Glasgow G2 6LL

I only discovered this place this year, and I’m so glad I did… Their sushi burrito (the ‘sweet potato tempura’ option) was literally one of the best things I had eaten in a really long time.


Sweet potato tempura sushi burrito from Temaki

However… I then had a different flavour of burrito (‘futomaki’) a few weeks later and it wasn’t nearly as nice! It had a very strange kind of Japanese mushroom that had quite a ‘meaty’ texture, and a lot of ‘wet’ seaweed (I don’t know what kind of seaweed it was, I just know that I don’t like it!). So it obviously depends what you get… But definitely try the sweet potato tempura sushi burrito, it was amazing. The waitress was also super sweet and helpful and marked on the menu for me all the dishes that were vegan or could be veganised – and there’s a lot. From temaki (choose from: cucumber, avocado, sweet potato tempura, asparagus, or futomaki), and sushi burrito (choose from: cucumber, avocado, sweet potato tempura, asparagus tempura, futomaki, or spicy mushroom), to nigiri (avocado, cucumber, or sweet tofu), maki (cucumber or avocado), rolls (futomaki), a tofu bento box, sweet potato tempura, chilli veg k-cup, spicy mushroom k-cup, and a range of side dishes… You just need to let them know you’re vegan when you order, she told me, so that they don’t add mayo. It’s also super convenient for Central Station, although there aren’t many seats (and they’re not that comfy) so either go for a (very) quick bite or get it to takeaway.


The Cran

994 Argyle Street, Glasgow G3 8LU

See above re breakfast and cake options…

Since I went here for cake I confess I didn’t really pay that much attention to their lunch options; I think they had a few salads and also a vegan panini that looked quite nice, but I think the breakfast options looked better than the lunch options. Note that it’s not totally vegan so be careful what you order! Also, as I mention above, they don’t have a toilet, so it’s not the kind of place you’d want to linger…


Kind Crusts

160 Garthland Drive, Glasgow G31 2SP

Advertised as a vegan version of Greggs, this 100% vegan cafe/bakery has been top of my list of places to visit for a while but it’s only open Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and I tend to be in Glasgow during the week! It’s also in the East end, quite far from the centre – about 40 minute walk or you could take the bus or train from Queen Street Station. The menu on their website looks incredible though – donuts, sandwiches, pasties… If you’ve been here, let me know in the comments below (but don’t make me too jealous please!).


Soy Division

51 Kilmarnock Road, Glasgow G41 3YN

As it’s 100% vegan, I had been dying to try this place for a while (it’s not in the city centre – it’s in the South side, which would take you about an hour to walk from Central Station, so I had to wait for a day when I could borrow the car!), and I have to say it was a little disappointing when I finally made it. Like The Cran, they don’t have a toilet (which I thought was illegal?!) which is a bit annoying, and it’s more like a diner inside than super trendy cafe… but actually the food was really good – homemade, but tasty.



12 Kings Court, Glasgow G1 5RB

Like Stereo (see below), Mono has the same menu for lunch and dinner… Personally, I feel like it’s more of a dinner place, although they also have some sandwiches and light bites, but it’s slightly more expensive than Stereo and further out of the city centre.



22-28 Renfield Lane, Glasgow G2 6PH

Stereo is really close to Glasgow Central Station, and probably the handiest option for eating in Glasgow if you’re sticking to the city centre. It’s owned by Craig Tannock, who also owns Mono, the Flying Duck and The ’78 (which are all vegan), and the 13th Note (which is all veggie) in Glasgow, and he’s just recently opened Harmonium – a vegan restaurant – in Edinburgh.  The menu is the same for lunch and dinner, but that doesn’t mean you have to have a huge, hearty meal for lunch – they also do ‘light bites‘ and sandwiches, so it’s a really great option for lunch actually. Don’t expect Michelin-star quality from the food, but it’s tasty, reasonably priced, the staff are friendly, and it has a relaxed vibe inside (don’t be put off by the fact that the entrance is down a rather dodgy-looking alley!). The only downside is that the coffee’s not great, so save your coffee fix for later 😉


Pret a manger

Again, I just thought I’d mention Pret because, although it’s a chain and I tend to prefer to give my money (and support) to local businesses, they have loads of really good (and healthy) vegan options these days – wraps, sandwiches, salads, and coconut milk hot chocolate (it’s really soooo yummy!) – and there’s one in the main train station, as well as just outside the station (on the way to Buchanan Street), so if you’re in a rush, or too hungry to look for anywhere else then at least you know you won’t starve!


Tapa Organic

21 Whitehill Street, Glasgow G31 2LH

I’ve never been to this place, partly as I’d never heard of until recently, and partly as it’s quite far out of the city centre, in the East (near Kind Crusts). A friend of mine used to work there and told me that they have quite a few vegan options, although their speciality is artisan bread. It’s on my list of places to visit, but, meantime, if you’ve been, please leave a review in the comments below!



49 West Nile Street, Glasgow G1 2PT

Fancy a vegan kebab?! You’re in luck… this Glasgow kebab shop recently added 3 vegan items to their menu: a burger, a tofu shish kebab, and a vegan salatasi (Turkish taco). I haven’t tried them yet, but they all sound yummy.


The Glasvegan

50 St Enoch Square, Glasgow

Another newcomer to the vegan scene, Glasvegan has already become one of my favourite vegan cafes, not least because of its super central location, super friendly staff, and the fact that they’re open for lunch and dinner (most days). As well as crepes (which are yummy, though the fillings are pretty basic), they serve a range of yummy sounding sandwiches, burgers, mac & cheese, nachos, and a ‘doner kebab’ wrap (not quite as exciting as it sounds). In general the food is cheap and cheerful, and their coffee’s good. Only a few cake options (mostly raw).




Steak, Cattle & Roll

321 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow G2 3HW

A steakhouse is probably the last place you’d expect to get a decent vegan meal (or want to go!), and I was suitably skeptical the first time I went, but they actually have an amazing choice for vegans (and, most importantly, it’s super yummy!). They do about 4 different vegan burgers, which are huuuge, and loaded with all kinds of toppings (I’d recommend the Classic Vegan – so good).

2017-05-25 18.44.18

Classic Vegan burger with sweet potato fries (1 portion!) and Whisk It Biscuit vegan shake

They also do a vegan wrap and a salad, both with Southern fried vegan chicken – I tried this in the burger, and, for me, it tasted too much like real chicken, so I couldn’t enjoy it! It’s also super oily… but everything else is delicious. As well as loads of vegan sides (be warned – a portion of sweet potato fries is ridiculously large, it literally comes in a bucket! I wish I’d known beforehand so that we could have shared…), the other reason you need to try this place is because they do vegan icecream shakes.

Yup, ice cream, sauce, biscuits, and topped with vegan whipped cream. ‘Nuf said. It’s probably an entire day’s worth of calories in one go, but it’s worth it 🙂


Brew Dog

1397 Argyle Street, Glasgow G3 8AN

This is one of the few places I haven’t been to in Glasgow, again, because it’s not in the city centre (and because there are so many other options to choose from!). They have 2 kinds of vegan burger, a vegan hotdog, fries, and a superfood salad. And lots of different kinds of vegan beer! If you’re having a day out in Kelvingrove Art Museum then this would be a handy place for dinner as it’s just next door.


The Flying Duck

142 Renfield Street, Glasgow G2 3AU

Part of Craig Tannock’s vegan empire. I haven’t made it here yet, but it’s downstairs, so no natural light, and apparently that can make it seem a little dingy. But if you’re looking for greasy pub food then their burgers, hotdogs and subs sound ridiculously good.



22-28 Renfield Lane, Glasgow G2 6PH

See above for general thoughts…

Super handy for the train station or a day shopping in the city centre… It’s a music venue as well as bar/restaurant so has a really nice vibe inside (don’t be put off by the dodgy alleyway!). The food’s pretty good, not necessarily outstanding, but tasty and there’s plenty of choice. They also have a great range of vegan beer and wine, including most of my favourite (all vegan) range: Sam Smith’s.


Saramago Cafe @ the CCA

350 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow G2 3JD

On paper then menu at CCA looks incredible (especially since it’s all vegan – there’s so much choice!) but I have to say I was a little disappointed with the quality of the food. I had the linguine, while my mum had the bourguignon, and we ended up switching (there was just too much mushroom for me), though I can’t say I really liked hers any better. It was also super cold inside and was told they couldn’t turn down the aircon, so we just had to put up with it. It wouldn’t put me off trying again though (with an extra jumper, just in case!), as there are so many other options – maybe we just chose the worst 2!



12 Kings Court, Glasgow G1 5RB

I’ve been going to Mono for years (I actually had my 18th birthday party there!), so it’s close to my heart, although, like Stereo, the quality of the food at Mono probably isn’t 5 star. It makes up for that in its super laid-back atmosphere, friendly staff, great beer selection, and the fact that everything on the menu is 100% vegan, which is always nice! They used to do a buffalo cauliflower pizza which was yummy, otherwise I’ve only tried the banh-mi on the current menu, which was good but not amazing.


The ’78

10-14 Kelvinhaugh Street, Glasgow G3 8NU

I’ve only been to the ’78 a couple of times – many, many years ago when my brother was studying at Glasgow Uni – because it’s quite far out of the centre (it’s just around the corner from the Cran actually – see above!). I think it was only veggie, not vegan, when I went, but apparently now it’s 100% vegan which is cool. It’s a little more upmarket inside than Mono or Stereo but the food is of a similar standard if I remember. Worth checking out anyway if you’re in the West End, especially as it’s one of the few places that serve a vegan Sunday Roast, yuuuumm!



239 North Street, Glasgow G3 7DL

I think this place is a well-kept secret in the Glasgow vegan scene (probably helped by the fact that it’s super hard to find as there’s no sign outside!) – I had no idea it even existed until a (veggie) friend suggested we meet there for dinner – and they have a whole separate vegan menu! It also changes, which is nice, so you won’t get bored… I haven’t tried anything from the new menu, but the nasi goreng I had when I was there was pretty good, and really reasonably priced.


The Hug and Pint

171 Great Western Road, Glasgow G4 9AW

I’m not quite sure how I missed this entirely vegan Asian restaurant in the West End – I only found out about it after I’d already left Scotland! But it’s definitely on my list of places to try when I go back…


The Red Onion

257 West Campbell Street, Glasgow G2 4TT

The Red Onion is a great choice if you’re going out with non-vegans, as it has something for everyone, and a separate vegan menu for us special people! It’s also really lovely inside, very traditional Scottish decorations with log fires… perfect for winter shopping days, and it’s walkable distance from the city centre. My only fault would be that the (vegan) menu hasn’t changed in the past 2 years, so you get through it pretty quickly!



117 Bath Street, Glasgow G2 2SZ

Bar Bloc, close to the city centre, is another place where you wouldn’t expect a great vegan choice, but they have 2 types of vegan tacos, a vegan hotdog, vegan poutine (like loaded fries), and an oreo mousse for dessert. Loosen your belt a few notches before trying I think!



49 West Nile Street, Glasgow G1 2PT

See above…



31 Royal Exchange Square (just off Queen Street), Glasgow G1 3AJ

For those that don’t know, Zizzi’s is a British pizza chain, like Pizza Express. They recently started adding vegan options to their menu – in fact, they now have a totally separate vegan menu! – and they. are. yummy!! They also have vegan mozzarella for their pizzas which is amazing. Another great place to go if you’re out with non-vegans or the family.


Pizza Express

151 Queen Street, Glasgow G1 3BJ

Back when I first became vegan in 2005 I used to dread going out for big group dinners with work colleagues and friends, as very few of the restaurants they usually chose had anything I could eat (other than side salad!). So I used to love it when they chose Pizza Express because you could ask for any veggie pizza without the cheese (and extra toppings) so I actually had options! But since Zizzi’s started doing their vegan menu, I stopped going to Pizza Express – it’s so much nicer to have a pizza with vegan cheese as you don’t feel like you’re missing out on anything! Having said that, Pizza Express do have one new pizza on their menu that is specifically vegan (with vegan cheese!) so presumably you could ask for it on anything. Good to know they’re keeping up with the times!


All Bar One

56-72 St. Vincent Street, Glasgow G2 5TS

Embracing the British Veganuary campaign (which encourages the public to try being vegan for a month, every January), All Bar One have a separate vegan menu during January and February, with a range of starters, salad bowls, burgers, and a couple of desserts. However, I don’t think it’s available outside of those months, which seems kind of stupid to me. Hopefully if they get lots of people requesting it, they’ll keep running it all year-round!


The Glasvegan

50 St Enoch Square, Glasgow

See lunches above…


Health food shops.


Quality Vitamins & Herbs

123 Douglas Street, Glasgow G2 4HF

I love love love this little healthfood shop, it’s my go-to vegan shop in Glasgow, the staff are super friendly and there’s a really good choice considering that it’s quite small… but it’s not cheap so luckily I’m not in Glasgow very often! They have loads of vegan chocolate (including raw), quite a good selection of vitamins and minerals, and a good sized fridge collection at the back, with vegan cheeses, fake meats, etc. They also recently started doing fresh bakery produce including croissants and scones!


Holland & Barrett

94 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow G2 3DE

There are 3 H&Bs in the city centre – the best one is on Sauchiehall Street, as it has a good fridge and freezer selection at the back, with some fake meats and icecreams, and snacks like energy balls and crisps. In general though Quality Vitamins & Herbs has a way better choice, so it’s worth the extra walk.



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