Food Matters

‘Like netflix, but for alternative health!’

I absolutely LOVE the Food Matters community. ‘Food Matters’ (the film) was one of the first films I watched when I became interested in nutrition, and I thoroughly recommend it. The website is chock-a-block full of documentaries, films, interviews, cooking demos, yoga classes, etc., dedicated to ‘alternative’ health therapies, plant-based foods (including the raw movement and juicing), and the connection between mind and body. A few videos are free, but most are on subscription basis. The subscription is quite pricey, but if you can afford it then it’s a great resource. (FYI, apparently it works best on google chrome or other high-speed browser.)

Oh She Glows

The website of Angela Liddon, full of super-yummy vegan recipes! I love Angela’s food, and used to scour the pages regularly for new dinner ideas before starting my new (gluten- and [refined] sugar-free) diet. While her recipes are great for people transitioning to a healthy lifestyle, I find that not all of them are quite as healthy as I would like, as many of her recipes (especially the desserts and cookies) contain cane sugar and/or add-ins like Worcestershire sauce (which usually contains sugar).

The Kind Life

The Kind Life is the brainchild of Alicia Silverstone, and provides vegan recipes, tips on vegan parenting, and other advice on healthy living that’s gentle on the earth. Again, not all of The Kind Life’s recipes live up to my exacting standards (!), as many are based on fake meats, etc. But it’s another great resource for people transitioning to veganism, and Alicia Silverstone seems so sweet – I’d love to sit down and have a good old blether with her over a cup of tea!

The Food Revolution Summit

The Food Revolution Network was created by John and Ocean Robbins and links issues such as GMOs, veganism (including the truth about factory farming but also the health benefits of veganism), eating organic and locally sourced food, rights for workers, and so on. The summit, held every year, brings together experts in all various areas to provide information to the public about these topics. The Food Revolution Summit 2014 was partly what started my journey into healthy living (although, in fact, nutrition is only a small part of the topics covered). It was also really interesting as it demonstrated that other people also saw connections between these various issues, as I myself did. The summit is held every year, and the interviews are free to listen to, so I thoroughly recommend checking it out 🙂

The Vegetarian Health Institute

This is the online nutrition course (the vegan mastery one) I took when I first became interested in health, and what inspired me to change my diet. I’m not sure how I found out about this course in the first place but I’m so glad I did, as it literally changed my life! It gives a really good overview of nutrition and the things you need to be especially aware of. I don’t necessarily agree with all their points, nor all the experts they interview, but in general it’s a great source of information and a fantastic starting point for anyone interested in vegan nutrition, and definitely worth the money (about $90 I think I paid).

Vegan nutrition

This is the website of Brenda Davis, a vegan nutritionist and dietician. It includes vegan recipes and nutritional information. Her Queen of Greens soup is one of my all-time favourite meals!


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